What is LEED®?

The Leadership in Energy and Design (LEED) for New Construction is the U.S. Green Building Council's benchmark for high-performance green facilities. LEED® Certification means a facility is a healthy and productive place to work and patron, is less costly to maintain and operate, and has a reduced environmental impact.

LEED® promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability by recognizing performance in five key areas: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality.
  • Light-colored high reflectivity roofing to increase cooling efficiency.
  • Native, local, and water-efficient landscaping to reduce irrigation needs.
  • Outdoor lighting that uses up to 30% less electricity.
  • Roof-mounted rain garden to capture rainwater runoff for irrigation.
  • Point-of-use hot water heating systems for increased energy efficiency.
  • Reduced-size HVAC systems due to more efficient insulation and glass.
  • "Auto-off" Motion sensor lighting in the presence of sufficient daylight.
  • Solatubes™ for increased natural daylight without electric consumption.
  • High-efficiency fluorescent and LED lighting throughout the building.
  • HVAC systems with low or no ozone depletion potential.
  • 70% of electricity purchased from Green-e Certified renewable sources.
  • 92% recycled steel that was harvested and manufactured locally.
  • Recycling of construction waste on-site to minimize landfill impact.
  • 35% less water usage overall than comparable non-green facilities.
  • All paints, flooring, and finishes contain low or no harmful VOCs.
  • High-efficiency filtration systems to reduce indoor air pollutants.
  • A "Green cleaning" standard using only environmentally responsible cleaning products.
  • Constant monitoring of all energy performance to ensure the building performs as designed.
  • Access to public transportation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce commuting costs for employees as an added benefit.
"Our main goal was to create a sustainable, healthy, and comfortable building for both customers and employees." - BERNARD F. CURRY III CEO and OWNER

"Once we realized what a significant and positive impact we could make on the environment, we dedicated our resources and efforts toward constructing a

LEED®-registered showroom." - BOB CARINCI COO

Proud to be LEED® Certified!